Thursday, April 5, 2012


Hello HORIZONS Students!

I just wanted to make one last post to say CONGRATULATIONS to every single one of you that participated in the HORIZONS Blog. So many of you have put such a large amount of effort into your blogs and it has really paid off. It has been amazing learning about all your interests and achievements, volunteer and leadership experience as well as your future aspirations.

For those of you who completed all five posts, you will be receiving a certificate of completion as well as some cool MUN swag in the next little while. For those of you who completed some of the posts, you will receive a Participation certificate.

Once again, congrats to each and every one of you; I've had an awesome time being involved in this project and I hope you all have too! :)

To demonstrate how your hard work has paid off, here’s an article about this blog (Leadership in Action) that was published in The Gazette- MUN's Newspaper. Alana Loveys was even highlighted in it!

Once again, congratulations! I hope that you all have a great last few months of Grade 11 and I’m looking forward to seeing you next fall at LEAP.

-Jen :)